Earth Mount Solar
Modular Solar Plant

Only the essentials.

Earth Mount Solar distills the complexity of solar power plants into a modular, repeatable design that looks the same, no matter where you put it. By installing solar modules directly on the earth, we eliminate all the costs required to engineer, procure, and install structural steel. 

More efficient in every way.

With no row spacing, Erthos offers the highest energy density of any solar architecture in the industry. In cases where your project is interconnect capacity constrained, you can decrease your land requirement by up to 60%. In cases where your project is land constrained, you can increase your energy density by up to 275%. 

Tracker Erthos
Tracker Erthos

Slope Countouring

Solar modules on an Erthos plant mount flat on the earth. But that doesn’t mean the earth needs to be flat. Erthos arrays can follow contours up to 15% slope, making them adaptable to the natural topography.
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A Bounty of Benefits

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