Energy Guard
Plant O&M Services

We're invested in your energy. Not just your uptime.

With Energy Guard™ O&M+Cleaning Services, you only pay 100% if your plant produces 100%. Whereas typical O&M contracts only put the provider on the hook for uptime, we’re on the hook for every cause of underperformance short of force majeure. If your plant underperforms, your fees are discounted at a percentage proportionate to its percentage of underperformance. This ensures that our incentives are aligned and that we’re invested in your energy — not just your uptime.

With Energy Guard, Erthos offers the most robust O&M coverage on the market.

Custom Table
Risk Factor Typical O&M Coverage Energy Guard Coverage
Plant Uptime Icon Icon
Module Degradation Icon Icon
DC Health Icon Icon
AC Degradation Icon Icon
Component Failure Icon Icon
Force Majeure Icon Icon

Energy Guard is our promise to do whatever it takes to keep your project performing at the highest level.

Custom Table
Service Typical O&M Energy Guard
Term of Service 3-5 Years Life of PPA or Merchant Contract
PV Array Cleaning Additional Cost Daily
Performance Guarantee Additional Cost Incentive-Aligned Pricing
Vegetation Mitigation Additional Cost Included at 1/2 Cost
Corrective Actions Reactive Prescriptive
24/7 Plant Operations Included Included
Preventative Maintenance Included Included
Warranty Claim Management Included Included
Reporting & Performance Engineering Included Included

ErthBot PV Array Cleaner

The ErthBot PV array cleaner is a dry nylon brush autonomous cleaning robot. Each ErthBot is designed to clean over 3.5 MWdc of PV array, making it the most cost-effective method for cleaning large-scale PV arrays in the industry. Custom-designed for use on an Earth Mount Solar PV array, the ErthBot cleaner is deployed nightly and returns to its charging dock after each use, ready to be deployed again the following evening. Erthos handles the operations and maintenance of the ErthBots, either wrapped into its Energy Guard O&M+Cleaning Service or as a stand-alone Cleaning-as-a-Service product. 

Solar Revenue Put

De-risk your project and improve lender terms. Learn more about this innovative investment-grade performance guarantee.

The Problem

Solar assets carry a multitude of risks.

Solar projects include multiple stakeholders and various risks that can be challenging to mitigate, including weather, modeling inaccuracy, construction flaws, equipment failures, availability, and others. All can have major impacts on economic returns.

The Solution

Transfer risk to those equipped to handle it.

Solar Revenue Puts provide an investment-grade floor on energy generation, creating stable, fixed cash flows for owners and investors. Loss events due to lower-than-expected irradiance, snow, soiling, degradation, and inverter issues are all covered. 

And, it's all backed by

Informed by a database of 300,000+ solar assets, kWh Analytics partners with leading insurance carriers to de-risk your project. If you’re a project sponsor, this means added value through increased leverage, guaranteed production for the PTCs, reduced credit spreads, and a backdrop against liabilities. If you’re an investor or a financier, the Solar Revenue Put will help you manage your exposure to risk, enabling you to provide better financing terms while lending safely. 

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