Erthos Hires Chief Technology Officer

Former SunPower Chief Products Officer Joins Team


Erthos, Inc., an energy technology company focused on breakthrough advances for utility-scale solar and creator of Earth Mount Solar® PV, today announced it has hired Nate Coleman, former SunPower Corporation Chief Products Officer, as its Chief Technology Officer.

Nate comes to Erthos with over 24 years of renewable energy experience. He graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Master of Science in Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering in 2010 after already having been involved in renewable energy research and product development for nearly a decade, starting with his work at Schatz Energy Research Center in 1999. In 2010, Nate joined Zep Solar, where he served as Vice President of Technical Operations and helped to commercialize its novel technology, eventually leading to its acquisition by SolarCity in 2013. Nate stayed on through Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity until 2019. Nate comes to Erthos from SunPower Corporation where he served as its Chief Products Officer.

“Nate has some of the deepest technical experience in the solar industry and understands what it takes to bring disruptive technologies to market,” says Jim Tyler, CEO of Erthos. “His experience reaches back to some of the earliest research happening in the formative days of our industry and includes proficiencies in all the disciplines relevant to our products at Erthos. Nate is the perfect fit for our team,” says Tyler.

Nate joins an impressive list of other former executives from major solar companies who view Erthos technology as the best way to reduce the cost of utility-scale solar. By installing solar modules directly on the earth, Erthos solar plants can be built for 20% less cost, in half the time, and on less than one half the land.

About Erthos
Founded in 2019 and located in Tempe, Arizona, Erthos offers a full suite of products and services aimed at helping developers dramatically reduce the levelized cost of energy or “LCOE” on utility-scale solar power plants. Its executives and management hail from companies including Tesla, Intel, General Electric, SunPower Corporation, First Solar, Depcom Power, Sterling & Wilson, SMA, Solar Frontier, and Plug Power. The team has extensive experience with new product introductions and global markets, including the US, Latin America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, and the Pacific. Find out more about Erthos at

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