Erthos Selected for 180-Megawatt Community Solar Portfolio

Modular Design and Low Vertical Profile Cited as Major Benefits


Tempe, AZ, USA – Erthos, Inc., a large-scale solar technology company and inventor of Earth Mount Solar, today announced it has signed a master agreement with Sky Community Solar for a 180-MW portfolio in Texas. The projects under contract will range in size from 9 MW to 18 MW and be located near the state’s major population centers.

Sky Community Solar, a San Antonio-based developer, cited standardization as a primary factor in their selection of Erthos, noting that the repeatable, modular design of Earth Mount Solar is perfect for a portfolio master agreement. Further, because of its high energy density and low vertical profile, it optimizes land use, minimizes visual impact, and simplifies the community approval process.

“Having a simple master agreement for the entire portfolio was only possible because of the uniform simplicity of Earth Mount Solar,” said Dudy Levy, Partner at Sky Community Solar. “With tracker systems, site-specific factors like row spacing and subsurface conditions cause each site to be unique, making master agreements impractical. With Erthos, every site is the same.” Earth Mount Solar marks a revolutionary reinvention of large-scale solar plant design. The PV modules are placed flat on the ground, eliminating the need for driven piles and steel tracking structures. This reduces installation time and materials and simplifies operations and maintenance, resulting in the lowest levelized cost of energy and allowing developers to maximize their project returns.

“We’ve all read the news stories of projects getting stalled or cancelled because of community opposition, and we think communities are right to ask questions,” said Charles Pimentel, President of Erthos. “Solar has the potential to improve the lives of everyone on the planet, but it needs to be done in a way that harmonizes with the land and the people who live there.” The construction of the first project will commence later this year, with the full portfolio expected to reach commercial operation by the end of 2026.

“Erthos is an ideal partner for our community solar initiatives,” said Levy. “Their systems are cost-effective and discreet, requiring little compromise from communities that value clean energy. We’re thrilled to bring these projects to Texas.”

About Erthos
Founded in 2019 and located in Tempe, Arizona, Erthos offers a full suite of products and services aimed at helping developers dramatically reduce the levelized cost of energy (“LCOE”) on utility-scale solar power plants. Its executives and management hail from companies including Tesla, Intel, General Electric, First Solar, SunPower, Depcom Power, Sterling & Wilson, SMA, Solar Frontier, and Plug Power. The team has extensive experience in global markets, including the US, Latin America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, and the Pacific. Find out more about Erthos at

About Sky Community Solar
Based in San Antonio, TX, Sky Community Solar (SCS) specializes in the development of community-focused distributed generation solar and storage projects across Texas. SCS is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and making renewable energy affordable in the communities we serve. Our approach to standardization not only amplifies economic benefits for all involved stakeholders but also ensures transparency in all our community interactions. Learn more about our initiatives and impact at

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