Erthos Signs 14 MW Project Portfolio and MOU for Major Deployment

Enters Next Phase of Commercialization with Growing Demand for Earth Mount Solar™ PV Technology


Tempe, AZ, USA – Erthos, Inc., an energy technology company focused on breakthrough advances for utility-scale solar and creator of Earth Mount Solar™ PV, today announced 14 megawatts of projects under contract and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a single 107 MWdc project. These commitments span agreements with five of the top US and global utility-scale solar developers and signal the next phase in the march to deploy Earth Mount Solar PV technology at utility scale. The portfolio of projects highlights the numerous benefits Erthos offers developers – including lowest first cost, highest energy density, highest wind rating, and lowest visual disturbance.

Chaberton Energy, with its headquarters in Maryland, focuses on community solar and is benefiting from Earth Mount Solar PV’s ability to deliver the desired energy on a fraction of the land compared to other solutions. Further, because Earth Mount Solar arrays are mounted directly on the earth, visual impact is minimal, offering better aesthetics for the community. “Erthos technology allows us to build projects in specific locations that present challenges in terms of land availability and visibility. We’re excited to collaborate with the Erthos team, and we look forward to the opportunity to deploy this technology at more locations,” says Stefano Ratti, CEO of Chaberton Energy. Erthos and Chaberton Energy have executed two Owner’s Architect Agreements for projects in the mid-Atlantic.

Encore Renewable Energy, a leader in community-scale renewable energy and energy storage development with headquarters in Vermont, has signed an MOU with Erthos for a noteworthy project in their portfolio. “As a forward-looking company, our team is always looking to improve the value of our projects with innovative technology,” says Chad Farrell, CEO of Encore Renewable Energy. “Erthos is answering that call for a project of ours, significantly improving project economics with its novel earth-mounted approach,” says Farrell.

Path Company, an energy services company that was founded in 2017 and has operations across the southern US, has agreed to use Earth Mount Solar PV for a community college project in its home state of Mississippi. Erthos offered Path several key benefits, including the lowest first cost for the project, optimal land usage, and access to the knowledge and experience of the Erthos team. “With Erthos, we are getting a solution adapted to our specific site and project, provided by some of the most experienced professionals in the business,” says Russ Phillips, Co-Founder of Path Company. “We know our project is in good hands.”

Projects under contract will bring the installed base of Earth Mount Solar PV to 17 MWdc. Additionally, Erthos has signed an MOU for a 107 MWdc project with a yet-to-be-disclosed US developer. “In this case, the project has very high interconnection costs,” says Jim Tyler, CEO of Erthos. “Erthos offers a clear advantage here because it has two to three times the energy density of a tracker or fixed-tilt system. This makes it ideal for projects with high fixed costs,” says Tyler.

About Erthos
Founded in 2019 and located in Tempe, Arizona, Erthos offers a full suite of products and services aimed at helping developers dramatically reduce the levelized cost of energy or “LCOE” on utility-scale solar power plants. Its executives and management hail from companies including Tesla, Intel, General Electric, First Solar, Depcom Power, Sterling & Wilson, SMA, Solar Frontier, and Plug Power. The team has extensive experience in global markets, including the US, Latin America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, and the Pacific. Find out more about Erthos at

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